Avonlea Documentaries

Avonlea Documentaries

Vintage documentaries from the Sullivan archives that follow the creation of the Emmy® Award winning tv series Road to Avonlea over its 7 seasons.

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Avonlea Documentaries
  • The Village of Avonlea: A Look Back

    A look at the construction of the village of Avonlea during filming and interviews with key cast members such as Sarah Polley, Lally Cadeau, Cedric Smith, Gema Zamprogna, Zachary Bennett, and Mag Ruffman.

  • Creating an Epic Dreamworld

    Executive producer Kevin Sullivan talks about how he conceptualized and built his world of Avonlea from the ground up, working with a team of costume and production designers, who created intricate designs and elaborate settings.

  • An Infusion of Talent: Special Guest Stars

    Road To Avonlea attracted a plethora of award winning guest stars. This feature takes a look at some the interesting characters they played and how they were developed.

  • Further Down the Road

    Kevin Sullivan talks about the evolution of scripts for Road To Avonlea from inception, to the introduction of expanded storylines, and new characters in Season 2.

  • Between the Action

    Go behind the scenes of Road To Avonlea Season 2 and see how the various stunts through the season were coordinated and executed.