Discover Period Drama

Discover Period Drama

Explore over a dozen films created by Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea writer/director Kevin Sullivan. Available to purchase or rent under "Titles Available to Purchase" on GazeboTV.

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Discover Period Drama
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  • Road to Avonlea The Series Trailer

    BUY or RENT Road To Avonlea:

  • Lantern Hill Trailer

    RENT or BUY Lantern Hill:

    Based on the novel by L.M. Montgomery, Jane of Lantern Hill, this spellbinding ghost story unfolds when 12-year-old Jane Stuart discovers that her mysterious father (Sam Waterston), whom her family has tried to convince her...

  • Looking For Miracles Trailer

    RENT or BUY Looking For Miracles:

    Ryan Delaney, an enterprising young man of sixteen, is determined to make a better life for himself, his younger brother, and his struggling single mother. Upon winning a scholarship to University, Ryan must...

  • By Way of The Stars Trailer

    RENT or BUY By Way of The Stars:

    Lukas Bienman, an indentured servant in 19th century Prussia, witnesses a murder by a ruthless Count who frames Lukas’s father for the crime. After helping his father escape, Lukas flees with the Count’s siste...

  • Under The Piano Trailer

    RENT or BUY Under The Piano:

    This is the poignant true story of one woman's overwhelming faith in her talented, but emotionally defenseless, sister. Strong willed Franny (Amanda Plummer) nurtures and protects Rosetta (Megan Follows) from their va...

  • Promise The Moon Trailer

    RENT or BUY Promise The Moon:

    Promise the Moon is the story of a rugged ranch hand, Roy Leckner (Henry Czerny), who tries to fulfill his employer's dying wish to find his long lost son, bring him home, and groom him to run the family's failing c...

  • The Wild Pony Trailer

    RENT or BUY The Wild Pony:

    To save her ranch after the accidental death of her husband, Sarah Fellows (Marilyn Lightstone) marries Frank Chase, the man responsible for the mishap. She and her children move into Frank’s house. Deeply resenting the si...

  • Butterbox Babies Trailer

    RENT or BUY Butterbox Babies:

    The shocking true story of Lila and William Young, owners of the Ideal Maternity Home for unwed mothers. Resented by the medical community, the Home falls under public scrutiny when a routine delivery of an infant r...

  • Love on The Land Trailer

    RENT or BUY Love on The Land:

    An epic drama spanning forty years in the lives of Thomas Linthorne (Peter Strauss) and Kate Linthorne (Rachel Ward), Love on the Land portrays their trials and tribulations in raising their children (Played by Jus...

  • The Piano Man's Daughter Trailer

    RENT or BUY The Piano Man's Daughter:

    Charlie Kilworth (Christian Campbell), a piano-player turned ballroom dancer, avoids most relationships out of fear that he might pass on the hereditary affliction of madness that runs in his family. Howe...

  • Sleeping Dogs Lie Trailer

    RENT or BUY Sleeping Dogs Lie:

    In 1919, Ambrose Small was a wealthy theater impresario who spent his spare time dabbling in gambling, drugs and prostitution. At the height of his glory, he sold his successful theater chain for over a million do...

  • Kreighoff Trailer

    RENT or BUY Kreighoff:

    One of Sullivan's early period films, this docu-drama explores the life of Canada’s most prominent 19th century painter: German immigrant Cornelius Krieghoff. Renowned for his storybook imagery of daily life among the Natives and “...

  • Wind at My Back Christmas Trailer

    RENT or BUY A Wind At My Back Christmas:

    Christmas in New Bedford is not how it should be. Grace and her mother have gone to Europe to recover her husband's belongings when war breaks out and they are stranded. At home, Toppy is in a ...

  • An Avonlea Christmas Trailer

    RENT or BUY An Avonlea Christmas:

    As World War I rages in Europe, the citizens of Avonlea prepare for their annual Christmas festivities. Hetty King, always ready and willing to do her part for king and country, is planning a Christmas conce...

  • Megan Carey

    Directed by Kevin Sullivan English Audio · English Subtitles

    An early Kevin Sullivan Period Drama: Megan Carey is the heartwarming story of an Irish girl who immigrates to Upper Canada during the potato famine of the 1840s. The drama of a young girl’s life as an indentured servant unfolds. Thou...