Wind at My Back: Behind The Scenes

Wind at My Back: Behind The Scenes

The award-winning TV series has an exclusive archival library of never before seen footage now available for the first time digitally.

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Wind at My Back: Behind The Scenes
  • Beginnings and Endings

    Kevin Sullivan talks about how he created the Wind at My Back series from a series of books about the 1930s and from stories of his own family's history.

  • Finding New Bedford

    Find out how the series Wind at My Back moved from being shot on location to entirely in studio with the construction of a massive back lot set for the town of New Bedford.

  • Behind The Scenes with Director Stefan Scaini

    Stefan Scaini rehearses two scenes from the episode "Life on Mars" accidentally caught on camera.

  • Studio Tour with Dylan Provencher & Tyrone Savage

    Dylan Provencher (Hub Bailey) and Tyrone Savage (Fat Bailey) lead a tour of the sets for Wind At My Back, located on the Sullivan Studio's back lot.

  • Wind At My Back Cast Screen Tests

    A compilation of screen tests for the casting of Wind At My Back, season one. Featuring Cynthia Bellevue, James Carroll, Dan Lett, Kathy Greenwood, Tyrone Savage and Shirley Douglas.