Animated Anne Free Episodes

Animated Anne Free Episodes

Anne the Animated series includes 26 entertaining and educational episodes. This children's series follows Anne as wild imagination leads her through different adventures, which demonstrate important lessons in loyalty, resolving conflict and problem-solving.

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Animated Anne Free Episodes
  • Anne: The Animated Series, Episode 1 "Carrots"

    The first episode of The Anne of Green Gables Animated series, "Carrots", is a great tie in to the original Anne of Green Gables you know and love!

    Tired of enduring Gilbert’s taunts about her red hair, Anne resolves to do something about it. While her results are initially disastrous, Anne ma...

  • Anne: The Animated Series, Episode 2 "Babysitting Blues"

    The second episode of The Anne Animated Series showcases another great adventure with the characters you know and love from Anne of Green Gables.

    Gilbert thinks babysitting his infant cousin will be a breeze. That is, until he finds himself alone with the tyke. Anne, who has a great deal of expe...

  • Anne: The Animated Series, Episode 3 "The Stray"

    Anne The Animated Series episode 3, "The Stray", is a perfect intro to the series and carries on the spirit of the original Anne of Green Gables.

    A stray dog arrives on the doorstop of Green Gables. Anne immediately falls in love with the pooch and is determined to keep it. Marilla is against th...