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    Kevin Sullivan created a 26-part Animated series for PBS and a feature animated film "Anne: Journey to Green Gables." Explore the behind the scenes on how the animation was created.

  • Super Rupert Free Episodes

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    Kevin Sullivan created a boy character for BBC Kids to rival Anne Shirley - 12-year-old Rupert Patterson wants to protect the world, his grade seven class, and the citizens of his town of Boxborough from unseen evil forces. Plus the spin-off live-action movie "Rupert Patterson wants to be a Supe...

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    Anne the Animated series includes 26 entertaining and educational episodes. This children's series follows Anne as wild imagination leads her through different adventures, which demonstrate important lessons in loyalty, resolving conflict and problem-solving.

  • Anne: Journey To Green Gables Preview

    RENT or BUY Anne: Journey To Green Gables: