Period Drama: Behind The Scenes

Period Drama: Behind The Scenes

A selection of behind the scenes videos capture the unique details in Sullivan's period dramas.

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Period Drama: Behind The Scenes
  • The Wild Pony Behind The Scenes Feature

    Go behind the scenes of the Sullivan film, The Wild Pony. Featuring narration by Director Kevin Sullivan and archival footage.

  • Promise The Moon Behind The Scenes

    A behind the scenes look at the Sullivan western film Promise The Moon.

  • The Making of the Piano Man’s Daughter

    Director Kevin Sullivan and Actress Wendy Crewson discuss the process of adapting Timothy Findley’s award-wining novel for the screen.

  • Looking for Miracles Behind The Scenes

    A behind the scenes look at the film Looking For Miracles, featuring interview clips with stars Greg Spottiswood and Zachary Bennet and Director Kevin Sullivan.

  • The Making of Lantern Hill

    Interviews with key cast on the evolution of creating another film story based on a book by Anne of Green Gables writer L.M. Montgomery titled "Jane of Lantern Hill,"

  • Lantern Hill: Behind The Scenes

    Producer Kevin Sullivan, actress Colleen Dewhurst, actress Mairion Bennett and actor Sam Waterston discuss the making of the film Lantern Hill, as well as the story line behind the film and what attracted them to it.

  • The Making of Butterbox Babies

    This inside look at the production of the shockingly true story of The Ideal Maternity Home, based on the book “Butterbox Babies” by Author Bette Cahill. Interviews with the key cast and the filmmakers.

  • The Making of Sleeping Dogs Lie

    Sex, religion and politics explode in this shocking jazz-age story of a theatre owner who sells out for a small fortune and hands the cheque to his beautiful wife to deposit at the local bank. Instead, she donates the money to the Catholic Church and millionaire Ambrose Small is never seen or hea...

  • Sleeping Dogs Lie On Set

    An intimate look behind the scenes of Sleeping Dogs Lie, with onset footage from the filming of the movie.

  • Promise The Moon Henry Czerny Interview

    Award-winning actor Henry Czerny discusses how he developed the role of Royal Leckner in this unusual Period Western.

  • Promise The Moon Colette Stevenson Interview

    British Actress Colette Stevenson discusses filming the period western Promise the Moon based on the book "Four Arrows Fe-As-Ko.."